Proud as a Peacock

I once came home from work to find a huge male peacock waiting at our front door! I live in a terrace house on a quiet street so it was rather a surprise. All the neighbours gathered around and the bird seemed very tame but also very determined to come in the house. Someone called the RSPCA who eventually turned up with a crate and the peacock happily jumped into the crate. In memory of this surreal moment I have searched out some peacock items from Folksy. Original Watercolour Painting by EastwitchingPeacock Fascinator by Eleanor Vallerini MillinerPeacock Print by Justine EllisPeacock Shell Feather Earrings by Guava TreePeacock Vintage Dangle Earrings by Decade DesignBlue Peacock Graphic Art Print by Sally BoylePeacock and Swarovski Charm Necklace by Sugar Fairy Candy PlumGlass painted Peacock Greeting Card by Crafty ZanaClassic Blue Clutch by Peppermint Twist

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