Hot Shots!

I know poor old Charlie Sheen hasn't had much good press lately (and he hasn't really helped himself, let's be honest), but you can't take away from what he achieved early on in his career. And I'm referring specifically to what was, for a brief moment in time, my favourite film simply because he was in it. Yes, I'm talking about Hot Shots!, that spoof of Top Gun that came out in 1991. So here's a pictorial representation of Hot Shots! with special help from the good folks of Folksy - see if you can get all the references :)Oh deer by LouillustratorNative American style beaded bag by The Crafty Old Sew and Sew3-4 Slippers Mohair Bunny by Granie Anie, Handmade with LoveTop Gun Kitsch Long Earrings by Handcrafted by Jannahand printed rustic hessian olive weasel cushion cushion by H E L K A T D E S I G NMonster Eyes Purse by George & LillyLow Rider by WoodbineRose (with ladybird) by Alison Catchlove SculpturesStuffed Olive Coasters by number8glass'winning!' necklace - Charlie Sheen inspired! by stars & scars

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