Calling all Number Geeks - Can YOU Find The Code??

I was feeling all smug last Wednesday as I sat down to watch The Code on BBC2... I have always been a bit of a number geek (I love number patterns and sequences, and number puzzles, and have a strangely unexplained aversion to prime numbers) so I thought I might enjoy this short series of programmes, with the added bonus of maybe finding the meaning to life, the universe and everything...What can I say, after half an hour I was back in my second year of A-Level Mathematics (I never did understand i numbers, what a waste of a year of my life that was!) and soon that smug intellectual mask had slipped from my face and I was thoroughly bewildered - albeit kind of strangely hooked! The best bit was learning that a certain sea snail builds new "rooms" in to his shell, each exactly 1.08 times larger than the previous one... Hmmm, perhaps I need to get out more!Anyway, for those of you who missed this academic extravaganza, or like me spent most of the time trying desperately not to shout "42!" at your telly, I thought we could start the search for our own Code - and I'm beginning to think it might be here on Folksy...Firstly, you could arrange your own code with theserather fun Forty Felt Numbers by Sweet Cute MandmadeOr maybe you can practise your binary number systemto unravel the message in this Binary Code Greeting Cardby Jane CameronThere might be a few clues in (or on) this lovely quirky Box of Numbers by Zuzu's Petals Altered Art'n'StuffMaybe this is just the code you are looking for with thischarming Domino Bracelet by SP JewelleryOr you could try your "luck" with this fabulousDamask Number Eight print from ialbertNow we're getting closer, this looks like a very geekycontender: Euler's Identity original framed artwork by wall envy artBut if Bingo is more your thing, what could be better than thisfab Red Bingo Card Necklace from Purple ShmurpleOf course, you may need to make lots of notes and calculationsso this Notebook, Calculator and Pen Kit by Scruffy Stuffcould prove very useful.This formula looks a whole lot easier to comprehend,Love Formula Card by The Doll HouseHowever, once you unroll this Brown Leather Numbers Beltby Stabo, you might find that The Code is right there under your nose!Happy hunting... don't forget to tune intomorrow for the next programme......and if you work it all out - please, please, please pass it on!!!!!!!

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