Making Sweet (Handmade) Music...

On this day...... way back in 1871, The Royal Albert Hall was officially opened by Queen Victoria, and was one of a number of memorial tributes to the late, much loved and lamented Prince Albert. The building has become a beloved national monument, and is probably most famed for hosting the wonderful annual 'Proms' concerts.Although the uses for this wonderful building are diverse and range from classical concerts to ballet, pop concerts to banquets and award ceremonies to tennis tournaments; the enduring image that springs to my mind would have to be madly passionate conductors in a flying frenzy of batons and sheet music!So, to commemorate the opening of this amazing and beautiful landmark, and with this image in mind, here are my selection of music manuscript themed items that I have '' this week...Sheet Music Bangle by Temporal Flux'Songbird Patrick' Collage by Lauriepunzzle LandManuscript Corsage by Nellie and ElsieACEO 'If Music Be The Food of Love' by SteampunkstormLuxury Menu/Order of Service by Craftypagan DesignsSheet Music Bird Necklace by Penny MasqueradeVintage Music Print by InkmeupMusic Decoupaged Mini Wooden Tray by Flutterbug InteriorsMagical Music Wallet by Shabby CowRoll over Beethoven! ;-)

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