Help an Artist in Need

The wonderful designs of Hidden Eloise have been plagerised by Paperchase. This is the news any illustrator, designer, crafter or maker dreads, a big company stealing your hard worked ideas.The full details can be viewed on Hidden Eloise's blog here, when you can watch a short video and decide for yourself as to whether the design was stolen. If you, like me, want to help then send an email about the issue to Paperchase directly via their public statement here.I find it difficult to understand how Paperchase is claiming no responsibility, here's a parallel scenario to explain my thinking.-- A car dealership buys a car through a third party to sell on, it is the car dealership's responsibility to check that the car passes an M.O.T. and that it is not stolen. If the car dealership then sells a stolen car to a customer, it is the dealership and not the customer who feels the brunt of the law, as it is their legal requirement to check the credentials of the car. So why not for a stolen design? --Shame on Paperchase for passing the buck all the way down to the bottom, take some accountability for your actions. Say you're sorry and admit the fault, perhaps then people would respect you more than they do now, and you could have saved yourself the barrage of negative press.If we creative makers and designers can stick together and make enough noise, then we'll be helping ourselves in the future. Viva la Craft Revolution!Aleximo, xXxUPDATE: Paperchase accepts no responsibility, and the designer apologies here. This has now gone viral, and even Neil Gaiman twittered about it. Best of luck of Hidden Eloise, and you can view lots of other plagiarised works via the blog You thought we wouldn't notice, naughty, naughty Urban Outfitters.

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