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When it comes to buying art I am more likely to buy an original hand pulled print than a painting. There is something slightly primitive about lino printing that appeals to me and lino printing is an art form that you can do anywhere - even taking the equipment on holiday! Of all the print making processes I learned at art school I enjoyed lino and silk screen printing the most so to celebrate this lovely craft I have scoured Folksy for some fabulous prints. Cow with Attitude by A DeeganDonkeys disturbed by a meteor shower by James Green PrintworksBlue Bugs by Tournesol PrintsLove Lino cut by Something Wonderful DesignPink Primula Tags by Hannah MaddenTail's Burn by The Windmill StumpBritish Birds by The Home PressUnderwater Nap by P.Noo IndustriesA Beach in Maine by Fiona CarverHarbour Life by Zebedee

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Men! What a pain they are at Christmas. Socks? Novelty toys? Beer mats? What do we buy them? Well Folksy has the hand made solution to buying that difficult "man" present.Black Beard, fun felt disguise by Lupin Handmade. For those times when a moustache just isn't enough facial hair - the beard disguise is your answer!Personalised BBQ Apron by Sew You. This Apron has been specially designed for summer BBQs or inside cooking if it is raining. 4 blokes soaps by Saffron Barr. don't forget the boys! I have selected 4 soaps that I find popular with men at fairs and markets. Imprint Me Silver Fingerprint Key Ring by Ali Bali Jewellery. Your loved one has left an impression on your heart, now carry that impression with you! A fine silver dog tag shaped key ring with your loved ones fingerprint. Dotty cufflinks by Romilly Norman. Pure silver square in shape cufflinks with a dotty design. Each pure silver square is secured to a sterling silver cufflink bar.

'Bad Music' brown men's/unisex t-shirt by Lucy Player. "Life is too short to listen to bad music"

Men's earflap hat by Irish Nanny. wool blend earflap beanie grey tweed.


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I love getting post, the allure of an unopened parcel, the excitement of tearing off the wrapping! My postie knows me by name now I get so much stuff through the post (not the best thing for my bank balance tho!). The Postcrossing Project has allowed me to get stamps from all over the world (even a holographic one from the Netherlands), and connect with all sorts of different people. A handwritten postcard is so much more special than an email or text, and so in honour of the post, here's some stamp themed items from the world of Folksy.This stamp necklace is available in three different colours from Abilu designs.Splurge on the three post cushions set from Karen Hilton Designs, of all the colourways this has to be my favourite.Super cute little resin ring from Jings Things, if you like that then you'll like this and this.Keep it simple and understated with these stamp studs from Sour Cherry.The Copper Swallow does it again with these beautiful notecards.Old stamps and scraps of envelopes make up these unique pin badges from Masie Lou.Gorgeous vintage looking gift tags from Darling Dilly Dilly would spruce up any gift.These adorable buttons could adorn so many things, available from She Draws.Well if you choose to partake of any of the above items then you'll be getting a lovely post parcel sent to you! Thanks for reading, and keep buying handmade.Article by Aleximo, xXx

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Well, if you you went down to the woods yesterday... Or the beach, or the park, or just stayed at home and enjoyed a sunny back garden, you might have indulged in the wonderful Bank Holiday pursuit of a great British picnic.There is something special about eating out of doors - maybe it's the novelty for us Brits (we don't often get the weather, after all), or the freedom from constraints, or just the sheer loveliness of it. But when it comes to outdoor dining, you can't beat a good picnic. From a humble sandwich on a park bench just across from the office, to the full works - blankets, baskets, ball games and a good book - it somehow adds another dimension to lunch... it becomes an event, rather than just a necessity.If you want to make your next picnic just a little bit special, then I highly recommend all of these lovely handmade items that I have ...First of all, park your behind on this fantastic blanket.After all, teddies DO love picnics!!

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It's been said before but I'll say it again - Folksy Folk are a craft lot. You'll recognise a Folksy crafter - they are the ones with dark rings under their eyes, bleeding fingers and a twitchy shoulder from too much stitching, crocheting and knitting into the night. Then there's social crafting - originally known as the knitting or sewing circle - now we're all stitchin' and bitchin'! In recognition of the long hours we spend making (not to mention the long hours listing, promoting and blogging) I have sought out some Folksy goodies to help you with your needlecrafts. Make-your-own felt flower brooches sewing kit. Paper and String. Home for pins. PiccioloHand printed sewing needle case. Plain Jane Textiles. very useful scissors.... Olive and Harry.Juicy - merino/silk/bamboo/nylon sock yarn. Abstract Cat Crafts.Knitting Stitch Markers - Handmade with Love, Silver 8mm. The Sunroom.Cupcake Knitting Pattern PDF. Crazy Dazy Knits. Red Knitter's Brooch - Yarn and Needles. Max's World. Crochet hooks. Bodrighy Wood.Crochet pattern by email - Cute Crochet Cupcakes. Cakes Knits and Cosies.Hand made sock knitting drawstring bag. Nicknots.Glassprimitif.

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Before we know it autumn rolls in and its time to break out the cosy jumpers and new season knits. Its also the prefect time for tweed. I love tweed, and this season I'm on the lookout for a great tweed coat, but in the meantime I've had my eye on these lovely tweedy goodies;Keep your iPhone or iPod stylish and warm with one of Yana K's gorgeous herringbone tweed cases;I love he simplicity of this fabulous ring from Spots and Stripes;Cables, tweed, embroidery and tea all together in this exquisite tea cosy from A Very British Affair, indeed!;Keep autumnal babies cosy and warm in these super cute tweed booties from Dinky Daisy Designs;Tweed Whales! These awesome plushies are available from StuffedNonsense;Everyone should have a carpet bag, and this one from Vintage Chic would make a very useful addition to any wardrobe;All this tweed has given me a craving for a hot cup of tea, knitting and shortbread biscuits, well I'll certainly indulge in the first two! As always all the items featured are available from Folksy, and keep on buying handmade *^_^*

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Tattoos, the ultimate permanent form of self expression, clothes can change - tattoos are for life. Well some are, these wonderful tattoo inspired items offer a less permanent solution, whilst still being a form of self expression. Don't forget to click the shop name in the description to see more about any of the items featured.First in, a lovely Valentine t-shirt from Pidgeon Stitch, the scroll detail can be customised.A little Demon Pin-Up girl of your very own, with this hand drawn pendant from Candy Apple.Lost at Sea is rapidly becoming one of my all time Folksy favs, and this skull brooch is a great example of classic tattoo art.Another customisable item on the menu today, this winged heart necklace can be personalised from KittyPink.A Royal Skull pendant from Inks on Links is superbly hand drawn onto shrink plastic.This cute trinket box from Juliet Killed Romeo is perfect for bringing a little retro chic to your dressing table.Could come in handy to wear on Mother's Day, a superb cross stitch brooch from Magasin.Put your hair up in a bouncy 50's ponytail and finish of with these cute hair slides from Very Vintage Designs.Slightly different winged heart necklace to finish on, this one comes from KittyPink again, I just couldn't leave it out!A little bit tattoo, a little bit Rock-a-Billy all these items are handmade by some very talented people, support crafters and buy handmade.Article by Aleximo, xXx

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