I love getting post, the allure of an unopened parcel, the excitement of tearing off the wrapping! My postie knows me by name now I get so much stuff through the post (not the best thing for my bank balance tho!). The Postcrossing Project has allowed me to get stamps from all over the world (even a holographic one from the Netherlands), and connect with all sorts of different people. A handwritten postcard is so much more special than an email or text, and so in honour of the post, here's some stamp themed items from the world of Folksy.This stamp necklace is available in three different colours from Abilu designs.Splurge on the three post cushions set from Karen Hilton Designs, of all the colourways this has to be my favourite.Super cute little resin ring from Jings Things, if you like that then you'll like this and this.Keep it simple and understated with these stamp studs from Sour Cherry.The Copper Swallow does it again with these beautiful notecards.Old stamps and scraps of envelopes make up these unique pin badges from Masie Lou.Gorgeous vintage looking gift tags from Darling Dilly Dilly would spruce up any gift.These adorable buttons could adorn so many things, available from She Draws.Well if you choose to partake of any of the above items then you'll be getting a lovely post parcel sent to you! Thanks for reading, and keep buying handmade.Article by Aleximo, xXx

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