If you go down to the woods today...

Well, if you you went down to the woods yesterday... Or the beach, or the park, or just stayed at home and enjoyed a sunny back garden, you might have indulged in the wonderful Bank Holiday pursuit of a great British picnic.There is something special about eating out of doors - maybe it's the novelty for us Brits (we don't often get the weather, after all), or the freedom from constraints, or just the sheer loveliness of it. But when it comes to outdoor dining, you can't beat a good picnic. From a humble sandwich on a park bench just across from the office, to the full works - blankets, baskets, ball games and a good book - it somehow adds another dimension to lunch... it becomes an event, rather than just a necessity.If you want to make your next picnic just a little bit special, then I highly recommend all of these lovely handmade items that I have ...First of all, park your behind on this fantastic blanket.After all, teddies DO love picnics!!

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