The Folksy Kitchen

I was browsing through a home style magazine at the dentist's this week, you know the kind (I think it was Country Living) and there were lots of yummy items for sale at extortionate prices. Not one of these items was hand made, even the designer stuff is manufactured in the far east. So I thought, what would Folksy do? Here are just some of the fantastic hand made kitchen products that Folksy Folk are making.Dry up in style with this Peas and Pods tea towel from Mrs Eliot Books.Get that Country Kitchen look with a Pink Spotty Butter Dish made by Penny Spooner CeramicsDrink your first cup of morning tea from this pretty mug by Caroline Green Pottery.I love this teacake apron by textile printmaker Gillian Kyle. Organise your recipes in this beautiful hand bound book by Tozzy Bridger.OK. I confess I am addicted to ceramics and you can order a set of unqiue plates from Jml Pottery.What's a breakfast without a boiled egg? Fun felt from British Cream Tea.And how do you keep that boiled egg warm? Simple - with an egg cosy from Linen and Roses.If you have a favourite kitchen item on Folksy please post in the comments and share. Glassprimitif

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