Handmade bath treats, amongst other things.

There's nothing like a hot bath to soak your troubles away, and Folksy has some dreamy handmade treats that won't break the bank, and will make you feel gorgeous all at the same time!First off some bathtime fizz, from The Soap Parlour. A relaxing soak with one of these beauties will help you relax and unwind ready for a good nights sleep.Next up it these 'almost-too-good-to-use' Luxury Shea Butter Rose Bath Melts from Purple Sparkle Crafts. I imagine them sitting on a cake stand waiting to be used. Bath tea's are really useful for when you want a fragrant bath, without having to clean up bits of flowers and glitter out of the bath. These bathtime tea bags even come in cute jar from Freyaluna; I love the simple bottle and label on this homemade pot pourri from Sophronia. Looks almost like a spell bottle, or something from an old apothecary shop.Like many of us, I'm a sucker for fragranced candles, just bought a cinnamon apple one from Ikea. But my Ikea candle did not come in a handy travel tin like this one from Erin Rose Crafts;Shea butter may just be my favorite moisturising ingredient, its great in creams, bath bombs and this Shea Salt Scrub Pedi-Bar from Northern Naturals;Make the essential task of exfoilating more fun with a felted soap from Hathor's Bath. In a selection of four scents this unique soap will keep you looking like a goddess.All these items are 100% handmade by lovely Folksy people, and available online right now. So shop handmade and treat yourself to a little bit of bathtime luxury! There are many more wonderful handmade cosmetics items to be discovered on Folksy, and a few more will be explored at a later date right here at . I hope you've enjoyed this article, let me know what you think with a comment below, xXx.Article by Aleximo

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