Rub-a-dub-dub, Suds in the tub.

In preparation for Jo's upcoming article on Folksy stuff for your bathroom, and continuing my article of all things bathtime related, here's a selection of my favorite soaps from Folksy. I love handmade soaps, and being allergic to a lot of man-made chemicals they're perfect for me.So scroll down and imagine the delicious scents and textures of these wonderful soaps, first up is this Strawberry Fields soap from Oracle Lake. A bit late for Wimbledon, but a sweet smelling reminder of the summer;For the new baby in your family try this baby, and mum, safe soap; complete with waffle flannel, wooden soap dish and ceramic keepsake tag. Available in pink and blue from SoapAroma;Lavender is one of my all time favorite scents, what better way to indulge than in this deep, rich purple lavender soap from All Natural UK. It even comes wrapped in some cute printed cotton too;For the girl who's not so girly, look at this amazing black and white soap from SoapyChica. Inspired by a Jo Malone fragrance, and containing moisturising shea and avocado butters this is a seriously grow-up soap;Many of us have a weakness for chocolate, now a this obsession can scent your bathroom too, with this Rich Dark Chocolate soap bar from Skirrid Soaps. Looks good enough to eat, in fact it even contains real Belgium chocolate! But definitely best used to wash with I think;Saffrom Barr is the current Queen of soaps on Folksy, and this exquisite winter therapy bar is one of the reasons why. A wonderful natural aid for the common cold, a bath with this bar will help ease your symptoms, looks great too;The Natural Good Soap Store has this wonderful gift box containing three handmade soaps wrapped in organsa bags. For �4.99 (+P & P) you get a bar of Lemora, Poppy Seed Scrub, and Tea Tree & Lemon, even the paper for the box has been handmade!As we all know soap can be a slippery devil, so how about a unique handmade ceramic soap dish to keep your bars in check? This one from Wiktorski Ceramics has a cute heart detail in the centre and free shipping!All these items are 100% handmade by Folksy sellers, and available right now. I hope this has inspired you to try the handmade alternative, and leave a comment below if you can.Article by Aleximo xXx

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