Fake Food

My random browsings of Folksy have unearthed another micro trend. One that I will soon be indulging in myself (with a soon to be delivered package from Japan), food inspired items. Fake food to be precise, food as inspiration. At one time or another most of us will have drawn a bowl of fruit, usually in an art lesson where the teacher forgot their notes. Many of us adore the artistic qualities of gigantic gâteaux and delicate cupcakes. Below is a crafty celebration of items inspired by all things foody.Warning: Don't read on an empty stomach!First a true English dinner, a felt sculpture of fish fingers and chips from British Cream Tea. Just look at the details on the fish finger texture and little dollop of ketchup!I couldn't resist squeezing one cupcake in! And this adorable specimen comes from Funky Cinderella, I love all the neat little stitches and beading detail.One of my all time favourite biccies, the Jammy Dodger. Now in amazing acrylic jewellery form from Biscuit Boutique.I know the Summer is nearly over, but there's still time for one last ice lolly. Feel Fab (bad pun I know!) with this felt creation from Ridgeon Originals.Mini food! Twice the cuteness of regular size, better yet these gorgeous veggie plates below are buttons! From vInTaGe VioLeT's BuTtOnS.Gift tags are one of those things I always forget to buy when wrapping a special present, you could always be a little fruity (yet another bad pun!) with these from Ditzy Creations.Even though this pie looks angry, I like to think he's misunderstood - even if he is a Pirate. Naturally a Pie-rate (not one of mine this time!) from SewSew.Thus concludes our food foray into another batch of delights from Folksy. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, I hope I didn't make anyone too hungry!

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