I guess I'm a little nutty about birds, as here's yet another bird themed article full of birdcagey goodness! I couldn't resist, birdcages have become a reoccurring theme of my Folksy favorites, and now I'm sharing them with you.Up first is a beautiful print from Sparklehen. The colours of this would look so perfect in my future craft room, and the serene looking birdy would keep anybody calm. There's something very soothing about this pic, look below and see why.I'm going through a miniature everything phase at the moment, miniature tea cup rings and mini cakes are spread out all across my desk. Which is probably why this cute miniature birdcage necklace from Cherished Trinkets caught my attention so.This clutch bag from Me Plus Molly has so many wonderful textures and layers to its design. The stitched birdcage is subtle, as is the cute little stitched birdy, look below and marvel.A card for every occasion, and for every occasion a card. This adorable little number comes from Elli Moody, make sure to check out Elli's shop for a wonderful array of fabulous moving in gifts, homey prints and unique cards.Tote bags are eternally useful in my household, and make great re-usable eco-wrapping for those extra special gifts! This Cage Bag comes from Tiddlywinks, perfect for carrying the shopping (or knitting), with long straps so it can be worn across the body too.This necklace epitomises modern elegance, and the detail is outstanding. Once Upon a Charm also sells a cute set of mini bronze birdcage earrings here.Another beautiful bag, with a great little corsage pin badge thrown in too. Handmade from recycled materials and big enough for the important things a girl needs, Lilidrawspictures has all your upcycled needs covered.Well, let me know what you think! Thanks to all the wonderful sellers for making such beautiful things, and next time I promise I won't write about birds, for a while at least ;-) .

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