Granny Chic

I'm not always given to socialising in the MORNINGS, given my tendency to stay up late and be quite groggy the next day, but last Friday morning I did find the time to go to a local coffee morning, held every other week, so that villagers, especially the older ones, can meet, chat, drink coffee and eat biscuits. All very nice, but the most alluring draw for me is the charity stall, where I invariably spend a few pounds and come away with another treasured horde of books, old trinkets and random bits and pieces. My latest prize acquisition is a set of small, strange, randomly coloured knitted mats. I was staring at them again today, wondering which of the old ladies made them and feeling glad that I rescued them. So this was on my mind when I started to think about today's post and I wondered what clever Folksians are up to, granny chic-wise....And here's what I found.Behold this super sweet knitted tea cosy by Cherry Tree Handmades, decorated with five big knitted roses. Tea cosies don't come much prettier than this.Doilies are given a modern spin by Hand Made by Fausta! These are a trendy shade of mint green. Elsewhere in her shop you'll find all kinds of bright shades; red, orange, purple, bright blue...Fabulous!Don't spill your tea! But if you do, this pretty, vintage style apron will protect your clothes and make you look like the perfect hostess. By BakeandSewLearn to sew as expertly as your Granny and start by getting your retro kit in order. This crochet pincushion by Very Berry Handmade uses a traditional craft, but feels fresh and totally modern.There are many things I like about this blue retro cushion by Crafty Bird Collective. The fabric is stunning, of course, but the maker has also used vintage buttons inherited from her Grandma's collection. A little story behind an already special item makes it even more endearing.But don't get too cosy with images of your sweet old Gran. Sianuska Original Art & Screenprints has created this letterpress screenprint called 'Old Lady Swearwords', a list inspired by her Grandmas. Go grannies!Soywax candles are great, giving off none of that nasty black smoke. They also last longer. Give your Granny this one, scented with Rose Geranium essential oil, by Aromasue Design. And she can use the teacup afterwards.I can't say anything about this crochet clock that isn't perfectly obvious. Funny, clever, colourful, retro, kitsch....It's glorious! By the very clever croche TimeSpeaking of clever makers, Emma Lamb has a Folksy store with amazing crocheted homewares; cushions, potholders, mobiles and garlands. I'm especially in awe of this complex, pretty 'Delilah' mobile. You surely have to have one! Well, Folksy Folk. I hope you've enjoyed these modern finds, inspired by grannies everywhere and the grannies we ourselves might one day become. I'd love to stay up and write more, but it's almost nine-thirty and you know what that means? A warm cocoa and time for bed!

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