New Beginnings

A few days ago, I was incredibly lucky to be able to hold a newborn meerkat pup in my hands. At only 11 days old, his eyes were still closed, and he was wriggly and fragile and simply adorable. I felt so privileged to witness the early strugglings and squeakings of a new life. And so today's Folksy picks are an homage to that wonderful wee creature and to all new beginnings - enjoy!'Just the Beginning' Framed Collage by 100percentdelicate'Misty Morning', A4 Fine Art Print by Genevieve Cseh Artbaby hat - 'precious flower' newborn by rocketclothingPink Florentine handbound notebook by Kate BowlesSeedling flower phone sleeve by supercutetillyPink fabric book - alphabet by Lilac ElephantLittle Nose by SelinabeenaSunny Yellow Felt Rose Bud Brooch by Granny Ruth's Gift EmporiumTaking Flight Print by Lavender GeorgeYou're freeeeeeeeeee by The Doll House

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