If I Could Turn Back Time....

Time. There's never enough of it, and what there is seems to fly by at a most unseemly rate. And so what better subject matter than to find inspiration from Cher's timeless song, If I Could Turn Back Time. Here are a selection of lovely things which show that our Folksters are trying to do just that...Time Flies Pendulum Clock by Bread and Butter by Bev Jennings.Time by NezumiIn Love's Own Time - Steampunk Pendant by LondonFoggSlate Heart Clock Large by DriftmoodsTurquoise Beaded Watch by Heavenly JewelsI travel in time and space Tardis resin pendant by indie trinketsDriftwood Wall Clock #72 by Knottyburr Wood CraftsHopefully this selection of lovely finds have helped to slow down time, it not turn it back entirely. And here is one final salute to Cher for being the inspiration behind this week's post:Cher Shock-Sox by OddSox

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