All is Vanity

I'm searching for the perfect mirror for my hall at the moment. So I browsed through Folksy to check out creative mirror designs and here ar a few I found. Which one is YOUR favourite?Sunshine Mirror from Treecycle. A lovely mirror designed to brighten up any room!Dog pocket mirror from PrimChick. Lovely fun pocket mirror, hand made from, vintage style fabrics. Sunflower Mirror from Oink Design. Wooden painted mirror with summery sunflowers. Pocket mirror from Magic Alice. Charm printed cosmetic mirror - fits neatly in your pocket or make-up bag.Driftwood Mirror `Mermaid's Trinkets' with shelf from Ultimate Drifter.Folk Mirror from Dig The Earth. A lush, bold statement piece!Japanese Washi Mirror Compact from Japan Crafts. Japanese-style handbag mirror compact made from gorgeous, handmade washi paper. Glassprimitif

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